Wednesday, December 27, 2017


I Support Other Parents With Their Child’s Addiction. Then My Own Son Needed Help.

by Robin S., parent & advocate
Teenage son struggling with addiction
My 26-year-old son has been struggling with a substance use disorder for over six years. When I entered this frightening journey of addiction, I was without support and unsure how to respond. I have watched my son drop out of college, attend five treatment centers, stay at eight sober living homes, have two stints living in his car and two on the streets. I have watched him struggle with depression, anxiety, trauma and numerous other unresolved mental issues. For me, it has been a living hell where I have felt guilt, isolation, sadness, fear and all of the negative emotions which go with loving a child with a substance use disorder.

But I refuse to lie down and go gracefully into this abyss.

I threw myself into learning all about this disease, as well as the underlying diagnosis, and how I could best help my son. I went back to school, began a support group, joined other support groups and became a Parent Coach. Most importantly, I can proudly say I have evolved as a parent and as a person using CRAFT tools which has taught me essential skills like positive reinforcement, natural consequences and self-care. I became better prepared than ever to keep my own life together while motivating my son to change and find treatment.

Very recently, I watched my son have three large beers and become a person I did not know, as he initiated a belligerent and aggressive encounter with police who were not even addressing him. The next thing I knew, my son was being handcuffed and brought to the ground because he would not stop his verbal abuse and had become combative.
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