Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Year End Appeal 2017
Will H
Dear Joseph,

To my parents, I seemed to have had it all together. I was attending a prestigious college, successfully juggling my studies, sports and social life. What they didn’t know was that I was struggling with an addiction to prescription drugs.

I began to withdraw from my loved ones and my life became indescribably dark and lonely. My parents were desperate for answers, not knowing how to best help me.

The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids helps families just like mine who are in need of guidance — but can't continue to offer free, vital information to parents in need without your support.

A gift of just $100 will connect a father to a Parent Helpline Specialist who will provide solutions and an action plan for him to address his son’s addiction and help his family heal.

I am fortunate. I’m in recovery and thanks to the information my parents were empowered with, they were able to help me. I wouldn’t be here today if weren’t for them and the support they received. As one parent put it, information is powerful.

Join me in supporting this critical cause by making your gift today.

Thank you for making a difference,

Will H.
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P.S. Don't forget! Throughout the month of December, your gift will be matched by the Partnership’s generous Board of Directors. That means your donation goes twice as far helping families facing addiction find the information, tools and guidance they need this holiday season.
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