Tuesday, December 12, 2017

From our friend Peter Gaumond at the ONDCP.....
"Dear Friends and Colleagues:
This year, the Office of National Drug Control Policy will be decorating a Christmas Tree in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building that recognizes the millions of Americans who are impacted by substance use, celebrating recovery and commemorating those we have lost to substance use. All members of the White House staff will have the opportunity to learn some of your stories.
Please allow us to share your story or the story of your family in one of two ways:
- Celebrating Recovery: Send us a photo (shoulders up preferred) of yourself or of an important person in your life who is celebrating recovery. Please send the following info:
---- Their First Name
---- Home State
---- Current Age
---- Years of Recovery
---- What the individual is proud of/ celebrating this year
**Please note, by sharing stories, names, and photos, you are representing that you have obtained the consent from that person to have these details shared publicly.
- Remembering Those We Have Lost: Send us a photo (shoulders up preferred) of a loved one who isn't with you because of addiction and substance use. Please send in your submission...
---- Their First Name
---- Home State
---- Birth and Passing Years
---- A sentence about how you most want them to be remembered
---- Any other information you wish to share
We encourage you to share this request for stories with your networks and appreciate your time in recognizing the people who matter most.
Please share your submissions to OIPL@ondcp.eop.gov no later than Friday, December 8th.
Visit The Addict's Mom at: http://addictsmom.com/?xg_source=msg_mes_network

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