Sunday, May 24, 2015

Southern Bucks County Recovery community Center

Hours of Operation:

Monday:  9am - 8pm
Tuesday:  9am - 6pm
Wednesday:  9am - 5pm
Thursday:  9pm - 7pm
Friday: 9am - 5pm
The Council and PRO-ACT rely greatly on volunteers to help us meet our mission of providing resources and opportunities to reduce the impact of addiction, trauma, and other related health issues. Many of our services and events could not happen without them—for example, it took more than 400 volunteers to make the last Recovery Walk in Philadelphia the success we all experienced.
Many of our volunteers initially volunteer out of a desire to “give back” to a community that has helped or is helping them in some way. Many, however, have reported that in return for their time and talents they have received benefits that far exceeded their expectations or what they feel they contributed. And while most volunteers can name or put words to what they have gained through volunteering, others cannot. Recently, at that same Recovery Walk, one volunteer walking in The Honor Guard simply stood speechless with tears rising in his eyes when asked what it meant to him to have served on one of the organizing committees for the Walk.
Some of what people have said they enjoyed about volunteering for The Council and PRO-ACT has been that they:
  • Felt needed and valued
  • Made a difference in someone’s life
  • Broadened their “clean” social contacts and met new people
  • Learned new skills
  • Increased their self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Learned that they had skills they were unaware of
  • Contributed to their own community
  • Got purpose to their day, particularly for those who had lost jobs
  • Received satisfaction from completing a task
  • Felt a part of something larger than themselves
  • Felt proud of their commitment
  • Found a place to share their talents or skills
Therefore, instead of considering volunteering as something you might do for us, begin to think of it as anexchange. Peers helping peers is important in helping people sustain their own recovery. Do not feel, however, that you must be in recovery to volunteer for The Council or PRO-ACT. We have several volunteer coordinators who have lots of experience in matching people’s desires and skills with our needs. Please contact one of them listed here:
Recovery Training Center, 444 N 3rd St., Philadelphia, PA John Carlson 215-923-1661
Philadelphia RCC, 1701 W Lehigh Ave. #6, Philadelphia, PA She-Ria Bethea 215-223-7700
Southern Bucks RCC, 1286 Veterans Highway, D-6, Bristol, PA Karen Burke  215-788-3738
Womens RCC, 25 Beulah Road, New Britain, PA  Rick Petrolawicz Petrolawicz 215-345-6644
Central Bucks RSS, 252 W Swamp Road, Unit 12, Doylestown PA Rick Petrolawicz 215-345-6644

1286 Veterans Hwy
Bristol, PA 19007

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