Thursday, May 14, 2015

Mon. May 18, 6:30 pm: Advocacy Meeting

Want to make a difference? 
The NCADDNJ Advocacy Team needs you! 

The NCADDNJ Mercer/Hunterdon Counties Advocacy Team meets at COA once a month. Here volunteer advocates are given the resources and tools to make a difference in their respective communities about the way addiction is viewed and treated. Currently the Mercer/Hunterdon advocates are working on a video project called "Advocates Speak Out."

The next meeting is Monday, May 18 at 6:30 pm. Pizza will be provided.

For questions or comments, contact:
Sat. May 30: Life ReScripted Workshop

Are painful memories holding you back? 

ReScript them at this workshop!

Life ReScripted is a (FREE!) experiential workshop that uncovers and clears unresolved issues that can undermine recovery. There are strong and compelling reasons why these issues persist. 

A rescripting identifies and transforms the root cause of our self-sabotaging choices & behavior.

Time: 2:00 to 6:00 pm, Dwier Center (392 Church Street, Groveville, NJ).

For questions or comments, contact:
Support COA Baseball! 

To kick off their 2015 season in the New Jersey Amatuer Baseball League, the City of Angels baseball team, the Angels, will host a fundraising event with the Trenton Thunder at Arm & Hammer Stadium in Trenton on Friday, June 5th, 2015.


As Rich Fisher, writer for the Trentonian, put it "If the story of the newly formed City of Angels adult amateur baseball team doesn't make you feel good, then you're either the crankiest person on earth or the emotionless Dr. Spock from Star Trek. This is a story of second chances, dedication and courage." Click here to read more.

City of Angels will have a 400 stadium tickets to the Thunder's Friday night 7:00pm June 5th, game against the Harrisburg Senators (a Washington National affiliate) at Thunder's Arm & Hammer Stadium. Tickets are $11 and it's "Pink-Hat" give-away night. The game will be dedicated to the memory of the Angels star pitcher, Sage Ferraro, who lost his battle with addictions on July 14, 2014. City of Angels is a non-profit, 501c.3 and proceeds will go to support COA's community outreach efforts with the AngelsTo buy tickets, click here.

In addition, on Saturday, June 20 at 10:00am, the Angels will play our annual Sage Ferraro Memorial Game at Thunder Stadium against the NJ Spartans in a regular season NJABL game. There will be no charge for admission, though donations will be accepted and we encourage everyone to come out for this game, too!
Let's Talk About Recovery!

With 10 original shows, COARR plays Recovery Talk 24/7/365....past shows are available online and in each show's online archive. 

Tune in thru the smartphone app (free in the iphone/droid stores) or on to hear what's playing now.....

Watch for new Season 3 shows coming soon! 
"Apparently I am on my path," says "Wings Over Water: Creativity in Recovery host Kathy Moser. "Yesterday I took the signed photo of Stephen Tyler that I got when I played at Recovery Unplugged out of my tour folder, propped it up in my office and reloaded my tour folder with details for this Nashville trip. Today I run into him in Nashville. Thank you universe!"

Listen to past "Wings Over Water" shows anytime

Listen to past COARR shows any time: 

For "Families and Recovery" with Cathy & Bill, click here.

For "Women & Addiction" with Terri Thomas, click here. 

For "Wellness in Recovery" with life coach Nancy Tilelli, click here. 

For "Journey Thru the 12 Steps with the Life Recovery Bible," click here. 

For "Share Your Scars" with Vicki, click here.

For "Wings Over Water: Creativity in Recovery" with recovery musician Kathy Moser, click here.

For "Laughter & Recovery" with stand up comic Wil B. Kleen, click here. 

For "Relationships in Recovery" with Alexa, click here. 

For "Saving Lives" with COA Director of Interventions Tom Redneck Clark, click here.

New Website!

Check out the new COA website! Thanks to our new webmaster, Art Ackerman, COA's home on the web is better than ever - it's now easier to find the info you need, especially about COA's services for people in crisis, and COA's recovery support programs & activities - like Baseball! Check it out at 

You can also buy tickets online for the June 5Baseball game at Trenton Thunder stadium and share your thoughts on the new COA Blog.

***We are looking for people to help with the new website. Training will be provided and recoverees are preferred. Interested? Contact Art at

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