Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Surviving Childhood Abuse with Althereal Rose

Athereal is a Singer, Songwriter, Musician located in Minneapolis, MN. She is a survivor of her childhood at a level that most of us really don't understand. 
Our conversation carries us through her childhood and the many situations that happened to her which caused unthinkable emotional pain for her. She talks about how she overcame her addiction to alcohol and the choices she made on her own to move her life forward without regrets.
Finally, we wrap up the interview with Athereal's advise and feedback for those who struggle.
In this episode we talk about...
- Surviving childhood abuse, sexual and emotional
- What is the proper path for forgiveness, if any?
- How to put trauma behind you and move forward, no matter what
- Using all of your experiences to create your best self
 Show Notes

Athereal Rose
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