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How Underdogs Beat the Odds of Addiction + Mental Health, Police, and Drugs

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This is a loaded statement: How underdogs beat the odds of addiction. Firstly, it presents a few assumptions.

  1. That there are two kinds of addicted people, the underdog and the favored.
  2. That underdogs might not beat addiction.
  3. That there are odds to beat in addiction.

If you were to randomly pick a corporation, a local high school or neighborhood in America and use as a cross-section of the population, a good portion of those in the group could claim a tie-in with addiction. Whether a person has active drug or alcohol addiction, is in recovery, or knows someone else with a problem of substance abuse, the numbers might surprise you. Rich and poor both suffer, and drug rehab for the wealthy is not the norm.
First responders deal with personal trauma as part of their careers. Many police officers have seen things in their jobs that defy description. There is no way for a person to experience crime scenes and dangerous situations for years at a time without taking some of it with them.
The Opioid Epidemic isn’t the first drug epidemic that has harmed leagues of people in the United States. The first was perpetuated against the native nations on the continent. For years on end, Indigenous people and their leaders were regularly plied with alcohol until they gave in to signing over their lands and their independence.
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