Friday, April 12, 2019

Join us for Realize Your Beauty Day at BALANCE!

About Realize Your Beauty

The mission of Realize Your Beauty is to promote positive body image to children & adolescents by way of theatre arts.

To meet this mission RYB travels to schools, festivals and local theatres to present educational plays, presentations and workshops. The workshops focus on fostering inner beauty- taking the focus away from societal standards and the pressure to be 'pretty'. RYB encourages students to put their energy into kindness, integrity and respect towards themselves & others, and focus on developing their own unique inner qualities. Through these workshops, students discover a new way of thinking about themselves, their bodies and about beauty.

Realize Your Beauty was founded by Stacey Lorin Merkl who serves as Executive Director. Stacey founded Realize Your Beauty, Inc. in 2010, combining her love of theatre arts with her passion for social change and education. RYB is a not for profit corporation based in NYC, with program offerings in New York and Colorado. Realize Your Beauty proudly works in connection with the Girl Scouts of Greater New York, Girls Inc.,and is a Network Member of NEDA (the National Eating Disorders Association).
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