Thursday, February 1, 2018


The Powerful Impact of Family Therapy on Addiction

by Stephen R. Honaker, LMHC, Family Therapist, Origins Behavioral HealthCare
Family Therapy Origins
When addressing substance use, it's often helpful to look at the family system as it can have a significant impact on how a teen or young adult succeeds in treatment. Family system simply refers to the roles people play in their families and the patterns of interaction with each other.

A “system” is defined as a collection of inter-related and/or inter-dependent parts that comprise a more complex whole.

For example, the human body is comprised of major organ systems such as the respiratory, digestive and immune systems, all which work together to keep the body functioning. Each system depends, directly or indirectly, on all the others to maintain overall health.

The same is true of the family system.
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