Tuesday, February 6, 2018

“I took back my life.”  ~~Etta James

“It’s not about perfect.  It’s about effort. And when you implement that effort into your life every single day, that’s where transformation happens.  That’s how change occurs.  Keep going.  Remember why you started.”  ~~Jillian Michaels

“Because I’m just an ordinary person that did some extraordinary things.”  ~~Donna Summer

Statement #6
 “Life can be ordinary or it can be great."
Greatness is mine by a conscious effort
Have you ever driven down the road and realized a few blocks later you weren’t mindfully present?  You may have been physically present while driving but your mind was elsewhere.  This is very similar to how alcohol affected my life.  Alcohol removed the ability to experience simple, everyday moments.  Instead of being in the here and now, the anticipation of what might come next interrupted everything.  I hurried through this, to get to that; it didn’t matter what moment it was, all I wanted was to get away.   Sadly, for those few moments I didn’t want to end, an intense inner grieving had already begun.

The WFS Acceptance Statements provide a blueprint for presence and Statement #6 leads the way.  Ordinary moments can become satisfying by practicing Statement #6, which uplift the senses and connect each other.  Slowing down to consider the moment as it is, can instill a sense of presence.  Definitions or labels can fall away upon further examination, leaving nothing but the beautiful moment to luxuriate in.  In the past I would see a cloudy rainy day as a total washout, and an excuse to drink.  Today, a rainy day brings the opportunity to hear pattering raindrops on the roof, a fresh clean scent and a healthy soaking for outside greenery.

So how did Etta James “take back her life” and Donna Summer “do some extraordinary things?” Conscious effort played a key role.   By practicing Statement #6, the ordinary becomes filled with greatness and effort becomes easier. 


Hi 4C Women,
This is part of a message I wrote 6 years ago, Feb. 20, 2012. regarding Statement #6. Just as I have issues with throwing out papers, I also keep a log of my old Statement messages. Statement #6 has always been a challenge for me, especially being in the moment and appreciating the ordinary.  

"I have moved over 15 times since I left home at 18. The biggest adjustment was when I moved to Alabama the first time after being married only 3 months. In a brief period of time, I started a new job, moved from an apartment in Huntsville , to 2 different houses in the country, then back to Huntsville and spent a year in California in between. The loneliest time was living out in the country with 2 young children plus my former husband traveled a lot. So my attitude was definitely the cup is half empty, if not empty. I remember being so lonely at one time that I put my kids in the car without any luggage and was just going to drive up to PA (15 hours) to see my family, to feel accepted and loved. So much has changed since that time - several more moves, a divorce, a job I loved, children grown, a granddaughter, loss of family and along with that, emotional and spiritual growth. Without that personal growth, a positive attitude remained a challenge. Sometimes it is difficult to rise above circumstances and having a positive attitude seems so out of reach.  It is complex and requires focus when those negative thoughts start creeping in. Sometimes it's complicated even more by our relationships, our work environment, even our location! What I have learned over the years is that having a positive attitude helps in making decisions that are healing, that allow for healthier communication, acceptance and positive change. So bloom where you are planted is my mantra at this stage in my life, however, I have also learned to bloom where I choose. While that wasn't always possible in my earlier years, I realize that as I became healthier, I had the ability and responsibility to make the glass half full. What are your challenges in creating a more positive attitude? What changes can you make to have the glass half full, if not overflowing? Remember - Life can be ordinary or it can be great. Greatness is mine by a conscious effort."

Six years later, I would say that my mantra is the same and I am learning to appreciate the ordinary, to find it a comfort to stop, breathe and take in the beauty of nature, a child giggling, even the fragrance of clean laundry, a kind word! Ordinary becomes extraordinary is we pause, breathe and observe. Greatness can be in phenomenal events yet it is important to see it in our everyday lives.

 Bonded together, 4C WFS Member

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