Tuesday, February 21, 2017

“The Addict’s Mom” Press Release

Barbara Theodosiou, founder of “The Addict’s Mom” (TAM) is very pleased to announce that TAM volunteer mom extraordinaire Michelle Jaskulski, has been chosen as the recipient of the Addiction Policy Forum’s 2017 Advocate of the Year Award!
The award recognizes “advocates who have excelled in grassroots advocacy and have inspired others to make a difference by engaging in grassroots advocacy, promoting education and action in their communities, and promoting policies that support a comprehensive response to addiction that includes prevention, treatment, recovery support, overdose reversal, law enforcement, and criminal justice reform.”
Michelle will receive this prestigious and well-deserved award at a presentation held during the CARA Family event and sponsored by Addiction Policy Forum, February 28 through March 1, in Washington, D.C.
Addiction Policy Forum Founder, Jessica Hulsey Nickel, writes of Michelle:
“working with you has been a highlight of the past year. Your courage and passion inspire me every day. I founded the Addiction Policy Forum with the dream that we could build a world where fewer lives are lost and help exists for the millions of Americans affected by addiction every day – and your work is turning that dream into a reality.”
Founded 10 years ago at her kitchen table by Barbara Theodosiou and her now-deceased boy Daniel, TAM began as an online forum to offer support and understanding; TAM is a place where the broken mothers of addicted children can “Share Without Shame” their triumphs and tragedies with their addicted children. TAM has grown to over 90,000 members in 65 sites; TAM public pages routinely garner 500,000 views per day. TAM members educate, inform, act as liaisons to policymakers, and advocate for much-needed reforms in the field of addiction. Barbara is the 2016 recipient of the White House Champion of Change Award. Several TAM volunteer moms have facilitated legislation at the local, state and national levels. Across our great nation, TAM members host community events and are featured in interviews in online and print media, and on television. For a generation of women whose collective lament for their addicted children previously was unheard, TAM is now their voice.
TAM members are well aware of Michelle’s dedication to her son, to all of her family, and to all TAM children; we are pleased that her selfless efforts are being recognized as we battle for the lives of our children and our families who have fallen victims to the insidious disease of addiction. TAM thanks you Michelle, and congratulations.
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