Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Moms: Barbara Theodosiou and the administrators at “The Addict’s Mom” have decided to post a petition to send to HBO regarding the commentary from Bill Maher on a Real Time episode that aired on January 20 on HBO. We are asking you to read the petition and sign if you agree with it.
To: HBO Television,
From: “The Addict’s Mom” a support and advocacy group for mothers of addicted children
Re: The Real Time episode with Bill Maher that aired on January 20, 2017, on HBO
We at “The Addict’s Mom” are appalled at HBO and Bill Maher for choosing to air this unacceptable rant that attempts to connect the Presidential election results with the great tragedy of drug addiction that is destroying American families. Those of us who are living with the nightmare that is addiction do not find the commentary acceptable or appropriate, no matter which political party with whom we affiliate. Nor do we wish to encourage people to laugh at what is a deadly problem. Every single day in our country, 144 people die from a drug overdose.
We number 80,000 dedicated and desperate parents who are actively engaged in a battle for the lives of our beloved children suffering from the disease of addiction. Many of us have buried our child, some have children in jail, children who are homeless, children whose whereabouts are unknown, or children who are struggling to recover. Some of us are raising our own grandchildren due to the death of our children. The disease of addiction has stolen our family stability, finances, peace of mind, and health. Our nation is in the grip of the deadliest drug crisis in history. Our group has spent the last decade educating, supporting, and advocating for reform in the field of addiction. We are heavily awarded, nationally recognized, and the former director of the White House Office On National Drug Control Policy, Michael Botticelli, is a member of our group. President Obama awarded us with the White House Champion of Change in 2016. We are deadly serious (pun intended) about the topic of addiction.
We are determined to change the misperceptions of society regarding our addicted children. Our members are from every social class, income level, education level, race, and religion.
Addiction does not discriminate; it devastates and destroys not only the unfortunates who succumb to the disease but their loving family members.
We parents of addicted children live in a world of grief, despair, and heartache. Imagine how we felt when Bill Maher chose to make light of our situation and the very serious subject of drug addiction. Our members are outraged, disappointed with HBO, and very concerned that the subject of drug addiction is fodder for comedy, satire, and ridicule.
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