Thursday, January 5, 2017

“All of a sudden, my heart burst open. All of a sudden, I loved myself, and I had never loved myself.” —Kay White, founder of Villa Kali Ma, a sober living house for women in Carlsbad, California

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Each new year brings with it the promise of something better: more happiness, health, success, connection. You have high hopes for the coming year, and you set your New Year's resolutions accordingly.

For a better 2017, you need to love yourself more. Identify and let go of the negative stories about yourself that you've been walking around with. See yourself as someone with infinite potential. Recognize that there's really nothing to stop you from pursuing your goals.

With self-love, you can overcome ambivalence, resolve your inner conflicts and move beyond your habitual patterns of behavior. With self-love, you're free to become the best possible version of who you can be.

5 Ways to Rebound from Holiday Spending

Don't let the holidays wreak havoc on your finances.

Searching for Peace in my Handbag

This post-holiday week, we live at the intersection of spirituality and consumption. Could we choose peace in our hearts and at the mall? I am searching for Thomas Merton in my handbag and hoping for peace in my very human heart. 

We Are One with the Universe

What you are about to read is my offering for the new year. It is my reason why no mind-altering chemicals need to be taken and, for that matter, why they should be avoided.
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