Thursday, January 5, 2017

TAM is pleased to share with you our Professionals For The Addict’s Mom, which is a directory containing the names of competent and qualified professionals and other resources in the field of mental health, including the field of addiction.
Moms who have learned that one or more of their children are suffering from the disease of addiction may need guidance and help in navigating the complex and frightening topic that is addiction.
The directory is a work in progress. Every facility and program has been fully vetted to ensure they are licensed, proplerly accredited and even visited when possible.
We started this project in Florida, therefore, that's where most of our programs are from right now. We are looking for recommendations from our members for rehabs they can recommend to us from personal experience in other states now. If you have a program with good results and would like to let us know about it, send an email to Please be patient as we compile our directory.
Disclaimer: Before contacting any professional, TAM recommends that you do further research, request and contact references, consult your physician, and check with your local Better Business Bureau. The Addict's Mom does not endorse any product or service; further, The Addict's Mom assumes no liability or responsibility for the claims made by the service providers or institutions who are listed in our directory. We assume no expressed or written liability for any of these centers advertised here. As always please conduct your own research and consult your own physician.

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