Monday, November 16, 2015

There more ways you can find the more support on The Addict's Mom
1)The addict's mom has a facebook group with over 1.8,000 members this is a closed group meaning only you and the people in the group can see your posts.
2) The Addict's Mom also has a face book fan page with over 32,000 moms at Fan Pages are open groups.
3) Last but least the addict's mom has a chapter in EVERY state. Please make sure your local state chapter.
For instance I live in Florida so I would join the
TAM Florida State Chapter
If you lived in New York your would join the New York
If you lived in Virginia you would put
You get the point for any state put Https://
Wouldn't it me nice to support and help one another. Also many of our state chapters need admins. If are interested email me at Barbara@gheaddictsmom.fom
Also if you have nota already follow us at @addictsmom
Visit The Addict's Mom at:

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