Sunday, November 1, 2015

Have you been a Rob Lowe fan from the early days, when he was a hard-partying member of the Brat Pack? Perhaps you discovered Rob more recently, sitting down for a night of laughs watching Parks and Recreation. Even if you don’t keep up with Hollywood, there’s no doubt you know Rob’s face.

In the Fall issue of Renew, Rob Lowe shares how sobriety has shaped his life, bringing him fame, fortune and faith. His words are inspiring, but his actions speak even louder – Rob has been sober for 25 years!

Read Rob’s story and the stories of other people who are not just surviving, but THRIVING in recovery, including:
  • Teri Griege, who has overcome addiction and cancer, going on to become an Ironman competitor.
  • Rusty Golden, whose new album, “Sober” is a testament to his life in recovery.
  • Michael DeLeon, a former felon turned filmmaker and recovery advocate. 
Also in this issue, you’ll find support for the whole family. Learn about:
  • B.A.L.M., an “Al-Anon Plus” recovery program that empowers family members, even if their addicted loved one isn’t ready to get help.
  • The new documentary telling the story of Amy Winehouse’s amazing career and tragic death.
  • Recovery from spending and shopping addiction, and getting your finances back on track.
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