Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Addict’s Mom is Honored to Receive a 90 Day Scholarship from a great treatment center for women only Wayside House.

***TO APPLY FOR THIS SCHOLARSHIP – Fill out the information below and email it toBarbara@theaddictsmom.com***

Nov 5, 2015

Ms. Barbara Theodosiou

The Addict’s Mom

Dear Barbara,
Wayside House will give one residential scholarship for 90 days.

Thank you for the o.pportunity to work with your organization and offer this scholarship to a women in the community that need our help.

Sincerely,Wayside House 

Wayside House (www.waysidehouse.net) is a women’s addiction treatment center run by women since 1974 in Delray Beach that offers residential and outpatient treatment to women who are struggling with addiction. Wayside House also has a career center helping women find employment.

Wayside House is a healing environment that helps women with drug and alcohol dependence by providing them with tools to rebuild their lives, reconnect with loved ones and recover from active addiction. Wayside House costs are reasonable, especially for a 90 day program and offers scholarships to those who qualify. Wayside House also works with in-network and out- of-network i.nsurance programs. To learn more about Wayside House call 561 278 0055 or e mail info@waysidehouse.net

Please fill out application and email to Barbara@theaddictsmom.com

TAM Member Please Provide:

TAM Member Contact Information
Date of application
Member’s First and last Name
Phone number
Email address

Minimum One Paragraph That Includes:

Name & Age of addicted loved one
Drug of Choice/ how much used daily
Age of first drug use

Other Helpful Information if applicable:

Previous Treatment
Formal Diagnosis
DSM Diagnosis if any

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