Sunday, November 1, 2015

A Word From Ed
   In a letter to his friend Timothy, the Apostle Paul summarizes his journey from sinner to Christian servant. Once an ignorant and unbelieving man, Paul received abundant mercy and patience from the Lord, and fulfilled the calling to be a leader in the early church community. 
   This is the same journey our graduates have traveled. In this issue, Corey Michaud shares his journey from brokenness to Christ's intervention to his healing and calling. 
   It is a blessing to be part of these transformations and to know that many of our graduates will leave to minister to others in need. 
  We are also blessed when our graduates return to His Mansion and join the team of Servant Leaders, just as Corey has done. It is amazing to see the "workers for the harvest" grow.
Ed Perrine 
Christmas on The Hill!
   Believe it or not, the Thanksgiving and  Christmas seasons are nearly upon us. For most of the young men and women here, this festive season is remembered only as a time of loneliness, despair and addiction.
Will you help create new memories in their lives?
     Even now, our staff is beginning to make preparations to continue the process of healing past heartaches and create new meaning and memories for these young men and women.
   One tradition that we enjoy every year is giving gifts to our Residents and Servant Leaders on Christmas morning as a reflection of the gift that the Father has given us in Jesus Christ. 
     This is a wonderful opportunity for you to be part of that Christmas morning tradition! 
   One of the easiest ways to join this restorative processes is by giving an additional gift of $50,$25 or $100 dollars that will be used to bless those who currently call His Mansion home. 
Come join what God is doing in our Community! 
Do you have a heart for serving the "least of these"? 
Consider fulfilling that call 
here on the Hill.

Facilities Manager: Should have knowledge/experience in general construction and the ability to organize, teach, and work with contractors. Responsible for the upkeep and care of our 18 buildings.

Fleet/Agricultural Equipment Technician: Responsible for the maintenance needs of all the automotive, agricultural, and construction equipment.

   Applicants should have a growing relationship with Christ, a good work ethic, and a desire to invest in troubled lives. We supply housing, utilities, and some food, while employees raise financial support to meet their personal needs.
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