Friday, July 17, 2015


 Sign this Petition to Keep COA in Hamilton!
Repeal Ordinance 15-023 NOW and allow non profits to operate rent free in Hamilton Township, Mercer County, NJ. Non Profits should be able to use their precious donations to save lives not pay rent to Hamilton Township. The rent is minimal it should be donated by the township in praise of the volunteer work by so many to address the current drug epidemic we are experiencing. 

Please sign this petition and send a message to our elected officials to do the right thing! Add your signature to the more than 400 who have already signed.
To sign this online petition, click here.

City of Angels NJ, Inc. is an all-volunteer organization that operates at a township-owned building in Groveville known as the Raymond Dwier Center. The group provides free services to help people and families affected by drug addiction.

In 2010, then-Mayor John Bencivengo negotiated an agreement that allowed City of Angels to have free and "unfettered" access to the Dwier Center, but the newly passed Ordinance 15-023 changes the equation by imposing a monthly rental fee, which negatively impacts City of Angel's ability to provide intervention services.

In response to the $195.50 monthly rent that is retroactive to January, City of Angels has downsized its operations at the Dwier Center and has set up operations at a church in Hightstown,To read more about this in the Trentonian, click here.
New on COA Recovery Radio

What are YOUR Recovery Dreams? And how can you make them happen? Find out on "Prosperity in Recovery".... 

In this new show, Rich Alexander will talk about how he achieved his dreams and how you can, too.

A person in Long-Term Recovery for over 25 years, Rich started his career in banking and financial sales then transitioned to pharmaceutical advertising and marketing. With a BS in Marketing from Rutgers University and an MBA from Seton Hall University, Rich now helps others - especially recoverees! - achieve success.

To listen to the first episode of this brand new show on demand, click here.

DUIs? Felonies? Custody problems? Other charges? If you are in recovery and have LEGAL issues, now is your chance to get your questions answered! 

This Friday at 7:00 pm EST, COA Recovery Radio is launching a new, original show hosted by an attorney who is licensed to practice in both NJ and PA. On this first show, he will respond to listeners' questions about grandparents' rights, drug court and how to find a good lawyer. To listen, go or tune in thru the free COA Recovery Radio smartphone app.

Recoverees are invited to submit their legal questions for future shows via email, text or phone. Anonymity will be fully protected.

Anyone interested, and tell us what you would like to ask the attorney.
Listen to past COARR shows any time: 

For "Stop Feeding the Predators" with  Lynn McClain, click here

For "Wellness in Recovery" with life coach Nancy Tilelli, click here

For "Journey Thru the 12 Steps with the Life Recovery Bible," click here.

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Take This Survey, Help Fight Addiction!

The Prevention Coalition of Mercer County (PCMC) needs your help in battling drug addiction!

This voluntary survey will take about five minutes of your time and will help the Prevention Coalition's efforts to strengthen our community's capacity to address substance abuse issues across the lifespan for residents of Mercer County.  We can see if we are making a difference by tracking community change over time.To take the survey, click here.

The PCMC is a community group made up of representatives from treatment centers, government, the healthcare system, the school system, parents, the recovery community and others. Its mission is to reduce substance abuse through collaboration and sharing of resources. COA is an active member. To learn more about PCMC, click here.

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