Friday, July 24, 2015

The Addict's Mom Lights of Hope - Volunteer State Coordinators Needed

Thanks to so many volunteers, we have almost achieved our goal of having a state contact person in each state to help us light up the sky on September 13th. September is National Drug Awareness Month and we ask our Mom’s to 1) light a white candle for those in recovery,2) a red candle for those loved ones still living in addiction and, 3) a black candle for those who did not survive the illness of addiction....

Being a state contact is so easy, yet so crucial to our overall success. 1) We ask that the state contact person be our "go to" person for Mom's in their state. 2) State contacts reach out to TAM sisters in their state (a state map with the location of members is available to you) to find out where gatherings of candle lightings are being held and report back so that we can include these gatherings on our TAM LIGHTS OF HOPE map. 3) State Contacts may be asked to forward information to Mom’s in their state on the event (all materials will be provided).

Can we count on your help to ensure that 2015 will be the year that TAM Mom’s throughout the United States celebrate, memorialize and love those affected with the illness of addiction?

The Following States still need a state contact person for the Lights of Hope

-North Dakota
-South Dakota 

Please volunteer to be the contact person in any of the states above. We need your help, we 11 States away from having completing our volunteers. Won't you please help? It matters so much!! If you are willing to help please email me at put Volunteer in the Subject Line

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