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Rockers In Recovery Newsletter is dedicated to addiction recovery through music, news, interviews, events, and festivals taking place within the clean and sober community.
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Upcoming Gigs

SEPTEMBER 20- RECOVERY WALK and CONCERT - 20,000 Expected  

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Philadelphia Pro-Act Announced  117 Teams have registered for the "RECOVERY WALK and CONCERT" just last week alone. The 1st time in a 13 year history of the event that they have had so many teams register this early. 20,000 Attended in 2013, Lets go for 30,000 in 2014.
Upcoming Gigs

Casey Montana Rogers along with The RIR All-Star Band will be back in Baltimore September 28, 2014 at the Mountain Manor Treatment Center.
Casey performed there as part of Rockers In Recovery  Unplugged in May of this year. We are looking at a full day of Rock-N-Roll Sober Fun !!!

The History Of Rockers In Recovery 

RIR and the Band of All-stars have been rocking the addiction recovery community since 2008.

RIR and its squad of musicians have delivered 16 concerts and 3 festivals all promoting addiction awareness. READ MORE 
  Addiction Help is an ongoing process of self-determination and self-discipline. While the rewards are not always immediate, beautiful gifts wait if you are patient and can take direction. Not until we stop denying our own past and begin sharing our wounds, will we allow ourselves to be loved by other people.  READ MORE   


Music as a Spiritual Solution

By Holly Romine; Recovery from substance abuse and addiction encourage finding a spiritual solution through admitting powerlessness over drugs and alcohol. While admitting powerlessness over addiction can be relatively easy with the help of treatment, applying spiritual principals to all other areas of life can be more challenging. But music can, by its very nature, provide a spiritual connection and foundation in recovery. Read More Click HERE  

In reading this book, you will discover that you are much more powerful than your addiction, much more powerful than the obsessive thoughts, compulsive feelings, and physical cravings that create so much pain and suffering in your life and the lives of those you love. Read More 


Summertime Is Concert Time 
RIR is kicking off the concert tour season this June 27, 2014 in Aberdeen, Washington, where the RIR East Coast All-Stars, Current Musical Directors Lou Esposito (Joe Walsh) and Mark Bosch (Ian Hunter), are rockin' the west coast, in addition to Casey Montana Rogers making her grand debut.


 Report reveals millions of young adults use illicit substances every day
SAMHSA's data also reveals that, every day, thousands of young adults use illicit substances for the first time. This includes 2,470 first uses of marijuana, 1,754 first time non-medical uses of prescription pain relievers, 1,561 first uses
 of hallucinogens, 1,200 first uses of cocaine, 850 first uses of stimulants, 566 first uses of inhalants, 258 first uses of heroin, and 174 first uses of methamphetamine's. 
Read More Click HERE 
Thank you to our 17,000 Email fans, and the millions we reach everyday through Rockers In Recovery. I want to thank you for your support.
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