Friday, August 8, 2014

Two Dead, 19 Hospitalized After Electronic Dance Music Festival in Maryland
August 7th, 2014/

Two males, ages 20 and 17, died after attending an all-day electronic dance music festival last weekend in Columbia, Maryland. Nineteen other people were hospitalized. Investigators said they suspected MDMA, or Molly, was the most commonly used drug at the festival.

Officials in Howard County, where the festival took place, said they were investigating security and screening procedures at the festival venue, The Baltimore Sun reports. Howard County Executive Ken Ulman said, “Substances that are becoming increasingly prevalent at certain concerts are incredibly dangerous,” he said, “and as a parent I am concerned that our children may be taking unnecessary risks.”

A 19-year-old woman who attended an electronic dance music festival in Los Angeles last weekend died of a suspected drug overdose, L.A. Weekly reported.

Organizers of summer music festivals are increasing drug screening after four people died at festivals last year. The deaths were linked to Molly. Concertgoers should expect sniffer dogs, pat-downs and other drug screening measures. Music festivals will provide medical tents with doctors, nurses and emergency medical technicians.

In April, organizers of New York’s Electric Zoo three-day event said this year fans will be required to view an anti-drug public service announcement online in order for their festival wristbands to activate. The event will start later in the day to reduce exposure to the sun. In addition, the organizers will scrutinize vendors more closely. The festival may place “amnesty bins” at the gates, so fans can drop off illicit substances before they are searched.

In 2013, the last day of Electric Zoo was canceled after two concertgoers died after taking Molly. Medical experts say club drugs are especially dangerous when they are taken in warm temperatures by people who are dehydrated and who exert themselves at all-day events.

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