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Mission Gaudenzia helps people affected by chemical dependency, mental illness and related conditions to achieve a better quality of life-allowing them to live as productive and accountable individuals. This is accomplished through comprehensive treatment and prevention methods guided by a philosophy of mutual concern and responsibility. Gaudenzia also conducts research and educates the community on the causes, treatment and prevention of addictions, mental illness and related conditions.

~ Gaudenzia Philosophy ~
We are here because there is no refuge,
finally, for ourselves.

Until people confront themselves in the eyes and hearts of others, they are running.

Until they suffer others to share their secrets,
they have no safety from them.

Afraid to be known, they can know neither themselves nor any other; they will be alone.

Where else but in our common ground
can we find such a mirror?

Here, together, people can at last appear clearly
to themselves - not as the giant of their dreams,
nor the dwarfs of their fears - but as individuals,
part of a whole, with a share in its purpose.

In this ground we can each take root and grow, not alone anymore as in death, but alive to ourselves and to others.

Company OverviewFounded in Philadelphia, Gaudenzia is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people help themselves. We provide drug and alcohol addiction treatment & recovery services.
DescriptionTreatment Works. Recovery Happens.

Contact Info
Phone (610) 239-9600

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