Sunday, November 4, 2012

Legacy Sober Living

Exclusive sober living environment in Los Angeles, with an addiction recovery program second to none.
Why Legacy Sober Living

We’re often asked what sets us apart from other sober livings. We have the personal and professional experience to truly understand the issues and challenges that face someone during the "sober living" stage of recovery. We recognize that treatment is just the beginning of the journey and the willingness to continue developing sober living skills outside of treatment is cr
itical to successful recovery. There are usually external motivators in the form of consequences that lead to treatment. When the consequence motivation passes, many feel they are past the critical stage. This however isn’t the case. They need guidance, assistance and most importantly motivation to continue developing the coping skills and support systems that will ensure a productive recovery lifestyle.

We’re not part of a large corporation or treatment center. We are two individuals with recovery experience that is both personal and professional. Professional experience includes inpatient and outpatient programs, detoxes, sober coaching, relapse prevention and sober living.

We accept the disease concept of addiction and the recovery process as set forth in 12-step programs of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. We work with addicts and alcoholics to ensure they develop a solid recovery foundation rooted in the principles and actions that have proven successful in these programs.

We believe that anyone can stay clean and sober. We have worked with many over the years and seen them embrace a recovery lifestyle and stay clean and sober. We have alumni who after multiple past attempts now have multiple years of recovery.

Alumni Participation in Legacy
"What is your success rate?" is another question we are often asked. Legacy is about community and a sense of belonging. The community continues on through our alumni. Legacy alumni, many with over five years clean and sober, are a big part of the Legacy story. The Legacy community doesn’t end when people leave. There is an open door policy so they always have a place to come back to. And they do come back. They come back to morning meditation, evening tenth step or just drop in to fellowship. We host an alumni meeting every Tuesday night where many who’ve gone through the house attend, celebrate their clean and sober milestones and share recovery with our current clients. They take the newer people out to meetings. We plan holiday parties and barbeques to ensure that not only those in our house have a clean and sober place to be, but our alumni do as well.

Our alumni have gone on to become successful, active members of society. They have gone to school, gotten jobs, reunited with family, started their own families and they come back and share their stories. They show others that it works. They bring hope and that’s what we consider success.

12079 jefferson blvd
Culver City, California 90230

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Phone (310)-962-1776 or (310) 351-4990

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