Friday, November 30, 2012


Now is the time Gentlemen! The mighty spirit of the LORD is sounding the alarm! One hundred thousand sons and daughters of the Almighty FATHER are being slaughtered every year by the powerful demonic force of addiction.Families devastated ,young children dieing before their time. Marriages trampled ,houses being robbed innocent blood spilled!How long will we as soldiers of the cross lie dormant. Your Congregations are full of souls crying out to the Almighty FATHER for deliverance ,hope ,and help.These are the times in which we find ourselves. My mission is to unite ,educate and break the back of this demonic force. As a fellow solider of CHRIST , GOD has equipped me with the tools and resources you will need for this great on going struggle. Contact with whatever your needs may be.GOD has brought you the broken and wounded , and you now have a guide to assist you so you can assist them.My never ending prayer is to give sight back to the blind , to set the captives free and preach good tidings to the poor.We will live in a addiction free world someday , but until then lets armor up and fight the good fight ! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

By Joseph Dickerson November 30, 2012

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