Thursday, October 4, 2012


Company Overview Top of the World Ranch Treatment Centre provide an immersive ranch recovery experience with Leading-edge programs and expert, dedicated staff in a safe, serene natural setting in the beautiful Rocky Mountains in British Columbia.

Our Ranch Statements:
Ranch Statements

Mission Statement:

Ensuring the optimum potential for mental, physical and spiritual healing for our clients by bringing together the finest team of highly trained, intelligent and compassionate staff that delivers high impact evidence based and experiential holistic treatment programming and continuing care in an environment most conducive to our client’s immediate and future success. To be sought after as the centre of choice.

Top of the World Ranch Treatment Centre’s Vision Statement:

In congruence with our abundance of exemplary nature, to put into place the physical conditions which enhance and optimize our client’s experience and potential for mental, physical and spiritual growth and for thier healing from addictions and other mental health disorders.

Staff Statement:

We act as a compassionate synergistic team where trust and accountability reign and ego does not exist. We communicate to each other with forthright consideration and in the best interests of each other, our clients and this centre. We support each other with the knowledge that each one of us is an equally important part of our team and that within this synergy we will continue to elevate each other individually and within our organization with the understanding that continued growth is one of our guiding principals. To be sought after as the employer of choice.

Top of the World Philosophy:

We are here to help to create the optimal conditions for healing to take place for our clients. We believe that the best way to achieve this is through our own actions, thoughts and words and that as a staff we must continually focus on our own mental, physical and spiritual health as we must have these in place in high degree to offer this to another.

We wish for our clients to understand that the universe has a plan for them to be happy, to be whole and to find purpose and meaning in their lives. That this plan will be an on going beautiful, yet challenging journey that has an immensely positive impact on their own lives and the lives of others and that the necessary first step on their journey is their own sobriety and holistic wellbeing.

Contact Info
Phone +1 250-426-6306

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