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In "Facing the Dragon" by David Parnell and Amy Hammond Hagberg, readers will witness the agonizing metamorphosis of a good-looking high school athlete into a violent drug addict and then witness a second transformation during his amazing recovery.
Mission"Facing the Dragon - How a Desperate Act Pulled One Addict Out of Methamphetamine Hell" was written to warn people about the dangers of drugs to prevent future drug use and to give hope to those already addicted. It is also the intention of this book to open the eyes of the nonaddicted to the what is going on around them. There are addicted people who need help and neglected and abused children who need someone to be their voice.
Company OverviewFacing the Dragon was founded in 2004 by David and Amy Parnell. We focus on meth prevention through education and advocacy for drug endangered children.
Book Description:

After more than twenty-three years addicted to methamphetamine and other drugs, David Parnell put an SKS assault rifle under his chin and pulled the trigger.

The blast took off half his face, yet somehow he survived. Following an afterlife experience where he briefly experienced heaven and hell, David woke up in the hospital, and he was changed forever, both physically and emot

In Facing the Dragon, readers will witness the slow, agonizing metamorphosis of a good-looking high school athlete into a violent, drug-dealing, psychotic wife beater whose children were terrified of him. In graphic detail, they will relive his suicide attempts and then walk alongside him as he endures countless surgeries to reconstruct his decimated face and learns how to cope with his hideous disfigurement.

Now forty-three, Parnell is clean and sober and is making the most of the second chance he's been given, bringing his message about the dangers of meth and other drugs to schools, prisons, churches, and antidrug organizations around the world as a full-time lecturer.

By experiencing the nightmare of his life-—and his brief glimpse of hell--readers will find hope and healing when facing their own life-threatening dragons.

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