Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Recovery Connections Reaching The World

The Medicine Abuse Project
 You were part of something incredible this month, Joseph.

More than 4,000 people pledged to do their part to end medicine abuse over the last month. Even more people had their eyes opened to this serious issue through our live events and online chats.

In short, you helped us spark a movement to tackle one of the worst public health problems in America today. Don't waste this opportunity. We need to spread this campaign to the rest of your neighborhood.

Download the Parents360 Rx Action Toolkit

Ever since we began PACT360, it's changed towns and cities nationwide. It's an integrated series of programs that bring together parents, police, community leaders and everyday citizens. The Rx Action Toolkit is one of PACT360's most successful features.

The Toolkit is free, and it features everything you need to turn your concern into action. You can use it to make a short, effective presentation at your school, workplace, faith group or almost anywhere else.

You've already shown how much you're willing to help. So be a leader -- you'll save lives, and we'll be here to help you do it.

Get the Parents360 Rx Action Toolkit right now:

Thank you for helping make The Medicine Abuse Project such a success.


Steve Pasierb
President & CEO
The Partnership at

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