Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Milestone House Dover NJ

DescriptionSober Living Facility
General Information
The Milestone House is a premier Sober Living Facility for Men and Women who want to make recovery a way of life. We are proud to be a leader in the industry and currently have three sites located in historic Dover, New Jersey.

Our residents typically have completed some level of structured treatment prior to entering our house. At Milestone there is opportunity to continue growth in recovery, li
ving in “real” life as responsible adults. All residents must be drug and alcohol free before entering.

The “recovery community” is very supportive of us and, overall, our residents have been very successful at remaining drug and alcohol free. We create an opportunity where one can live “real life” and have the extra support that they may have been lacking during previous attempts to stay clean and sober. Men and women ages 18 and up are welcome here.

Willingness and taking action is the fundamental expectation we embody. A large percentage of our residents have multiple years of recovery, highlighting the essence of what true Sober Living encompasses. It has been proven to be beneficial to mix residents who are new in recovery with others that have multiple years clean and sober.

We offer many amenities and comforts, but what are truly priceless are the energy of our environment and the spirit of love, tolerance, helpfulness, serenity and usefulness; which absolutely results from the working and re-working of the 12-steps.

You will be encouraged to join us at all of our on-site, solution-based meetings and workshops and to truly experience a “new freedom and happiness”.

60 N. Sussex Street
Dover, New Jersey 07801

Phone (973) 442-4600

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