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Sober Escorts, Inc. offers a variety of services. These services are tailored to our client’s individual needs and goals. Listed below are the services which make up the bulk of Sober Escorts, Inc.’s business. If you happen to have a need or situation that is not covered in the following information, please feel free to contact us. We’re here to help. We care – We’ve been there!

We are a fee for service company, normally a flat per day fee, plus expenses. Our rates are very reasonable and affordable. Please contact us directly for specific pricing.

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To Treatment Transit

From Treatment to Extended Care TransitFrom Treatment to Home Transit

Sober Companion Services

There are 3 types of transit services; To Treatment, From Treatment to Extended Care, and From Treatment to Home. We know through experience, some of it our own, that airports and airplanes are difficult for some clients going to or coming from treatment. We know of individuals who “got lost” on their way to treatment and others who, upon discharge, were not able to make it home, or to their intended destination clean and sober. That first 24 to 72 hours outside of the structured treatment setting can be pretty rough.

Sober Escorts, Inc. works with families, interventionists, admission specialists, physicians, lawyers, personal managers, agents, anyone and everyone concerned with getting the client to treatment safely and expeditiously. We are familiar with the uncertainty, fear, and sense of aloneness inherent in the trip to treatment. A Sober Escort can be extremely helpful during this period. Many of our escorts have been through this themselves. They will lend their strength, encouragement, and support to the client in an effort to insure a successful trip to treatment.

Sober Escorts, Inc. works with anyone and everyone concerned with getting the client safely and expeditiously from primary treatment to an extended care facility, halfway house, or sober house. The majority of these prefer that the client come to them directly from the primary treatment facility. SEI will gladly accompany the client to any one of these destinations. Often times there are pressing matters at home that must be dealt with before moving on to the next destination. This can be a dangerous and stressful time. In this type of situation our escort will perform all the services covered in “From Treatment To Home”.

SEI assists with the transition from treatment back to everyday living. Our escort will meet the client at discharge, accompany them on their trip home, and within the first 24 hours after discharge, attend with them their first AA or NA meeting. We’ll continue with at least one meeting per day for the duration of our contract. We’ll go early and stay late, encourage them to meet people and get phone numbers. We’ll help them if necessary. Our escort will work with the client to make their home a clean and sober environment and we’ll do our utmost to see that the client follows through with their recommended discharge plan.

There are numerous situations where a newly recovering individual would find the support of a Sober Companion beneficial, business trips, social events, and weddings are but a few. A Sober Companion will lend strength and support in situations or circumstances that are deemed as perilous or stressful to the client.

Another Sober Companion service SEI offers relates directly to the film and entertainment industry. There are instances where a Sober Companion is required as a condition for cast insurance during the shooting of a film.

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