Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Mission of the Addict’s Mom: To “Share Without Shame”
written by Sherry Schlenke, the mother of a child with the disease of addiction

The Addict’s Mom (TAM) provides a forum to “Share Without Shame” for the mothers of children suffering from the deadly disease of addiction. The importance of this mission cannot be over-stated. Upon learning of her child’s addiction, a mother will experience shock, denial, and feelings of guilt. In her mind, she will replay her new mantra: I failed as a mother. The shame becomes part of her very being. She becomes depressed, ill, secretive, anxious, fearful, and pessimistic; she begins to lose her very self. Her Mother’s Heart is broken and crushed. She observes other families celebrating life’s milestones: a graduation, a wedding, a birth, a new career; she grows angry and bitter. She commits her life to “saving” her child. She visits her child in frightful places: the prison, the homeless shelter, a Psychiatric Unit, or inescapably, the morgue. She is desperate in body and soul, but perhaps she has other children, whose physical, emotional, and social needs must be met. How can she turn away from those children? These mothers of children suffering from addiction, whether in active struggle, in recovery, or dead, are shell-shocked, even battle-scarred. She feels so alone. TAM is the only forum where these broken mothers can share their experiences, either online, or in-person. There are over 50,000 members who understand the grief, and who offer comfort, support, and hope. The mothers of TAM are connected by a shared, but horrible bond. TAM moms they feel compassion, they listen, and they do not judge as others do. The Addict’s Mom allows us to truly “Share Without Shame”. We moms of TAM are connected for life.

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