Monday, August 17, 2015

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"I opened a path for love to flow in."


“A flower cannot blossom without sunshine and man cannot live without love.”  -Max Muller

“Love is life.  And if you miss love, you miss life.”  -Leo Buscaglia

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”  -Lao Tzu

Statement #7, “Love can change the course of my world.”  Caring becomes all important.
Statement #10, “All love given returns.”  I will learn to know that others love me.

Karen’s Perspective +
     Not understanding the depth of pain and sorrow that I was living in before my New Life, I easily became a victim of lack of love.  Sadly, while under the influence, I was unconsciously blocking myself from giving love as well as receiving it.  I felt miserable because I was miserable; yet, I could not identify a solution.
     Beginning sobriety and recovery, I opened a path for love to flow in.  I first had to learn to trust those who offered to help and guide me as well as learn how to trust myself.  It wasn’t easy initially; I felt so uneasy and so anxious.  Little by little I began to put down my guard and experience love without limits.  I was beginning to recognize the depths and scope of love.
     Statements #7 and #10 continue to pave the way for love to flourish in my New Life.  With WFS, I found unending support and encouragement; which, for me, really cemented a deep feeling of trust and this trust opened up into love.  Beautiful, forgiving love.
     Continuing to open myself to love, I stay open to life.  I had no clue that life could feel this rewarding and satisfying.  New discoveries are around every corner and I feel a growing sense of balance and a deep sense of comfort surrounding me.  This is exactly what I had been searching for all I know love is always with me.   Hugzzz, Karen
  • Do you recognize love today?
  • Are you accepting love in your life?
+  Dee’s Insights  +
     Hi 4C Women, For me, learning to love myself was the key to knowing that others loved me.  I felt so unlovable that even if someone professed to love me, I didn’t understand why.  This feeling was reinforced by a long term marriage of rejection and when I went through my divorce, it took a lot of counseling and sobriety to recognize that I was loved, am lovable and to trust myself enough to accept love from others.
     There are still times when I question why someone would love me and that is usually when I am questioning myself about my choices or facing difficult challenges.  In other words, the old tapes start playing and the inner critic perks up with old, untrue messages that are deeply buried in my heart.  Thank goodness for WFS because I am aware when these old messages start playing and I use Statement 9 to knock that inner critic off my shoulder and out of my thoughts.
     I do not have romantic love in my life; yet, I have love that fills my soul and if you had told me years ago that would be enough, I would not have believed you.  This is the reward of learning to love myself, to know that others love me in friendship and for that I am blessed beyond measure! Most importantly, I always go back to my favorite quote that the most important relationship you will ever have is the one you have with yourself.  It is the foundation of loving and respecting yourself which opens the doors to accepting and receiving love - for all love given returns! –Dee
Thank you, Karen and Dee, for your words of encouragement, inspiration, and love!  ~Becky Fenner, WFS Director
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