Monday, August 17, 2015

Just a handful of people can make a big difference; but together we can make a HUGE difference. Please do not wait for someone else to help, please let it begin with YOU. We are a supporting partner of the Fed Up Rally, it is a major op.portunity to bring awareness to our plight. IF you are FED UP! Don't just say it please participate...contribute one 5 X5 square..just truly will make a difference. If you will please commit and follow through, it may inspire someone e...lse to commit, then someone else and someone else.....and you know the rest...much love to all addict's moms and their families..Barbara
Jessica Ward's post asking for our help:
I have been given the honor of putting together a quilt for us to carry at the Fed Up rally as we march together to raise awareness and demand change.
We are asking our members to send us a 5x5 inch square of fabric representing their addict/addicts.
Each square should be 5x5
RED fabric for those that are in active addiction
WHITE fabric for those in recovery GREY fabric for those incarcerated
BLACK fabric for those we have sadly lost to this horrific disease
On your fabric square you can use fabric paint, iron on transfers printed from your pc, or embroidery to say for examples....
RED fabric
My beautiful daughter Megan
Battling addiction and mental illness since 2013
WHITE fabric
Jessica, 13 years in recovery
Sharing Hope Example....GRAY fabric for those incarcerated
Example...BLACK fabric
John 8-4-1992 ... 1-19-2015
Forever 22 Forever in our hearts
This will be an a.mazing way to show the gravity of how very big this epidemic has become.
Please send in as many squares as you would like. If you have more than one addict than a square for each please.
 I plan on doing one of mine using a photo of my son that I will print on iron on transfer paper and embroidering the chosen words. Decorate your square any way you would like! Be creative! Another idea...
My granddaughter drew a sad pic about her feelings. I added it to her moms square for impact!
We should dedicate this to our founder and her beloved son Daniel whom was taken from us just a few months ago. With your help I am going to TRY to have this made in time for this years FED UP rally in October!
I will be taking your fabric squares from now until August 31, the deadline for getting them to me in time. Any that come in later than August 31 will still be added but may not make it into the quilt for October this year.
Mail your squares to
Jessica Ward
428 Mills Rd
Whitefield Me. 04353
Thank you!

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