Thursday, December 20, 2018

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Not everyone has an issue with drug or alcohol dependency. But it doesn’t mean that recreational substances can’t cause irreparable harm to people who seldom partake during the rest of the year. The holiday season is funny like that.

To help protect yourself and those you care about from moderate partaking to out-of-control, follow these no-nonsense clues and enjoy the holidays without the worry.
  • Don’t drive or allow anyone else to while under the influence. Despite the growing acceptance of marijuana vaping and other forms of intake, using machinery of any kind after the use of weed, alcohol, prescription meds, and illegal drugs increases the risk for self-harm or causing injury to others. Refrain, if you know driving is part of the equation.
  • Every party needs an epic plan. Maybe you have a need to be the life of the party or know someone else who does. You can go ahead and just be you but make sure to include a safe exit strategy. Assign a designated driver (even if that’s you) and stick to the commitment. That means NO alcohol or drug consumption. And to avoid a party foul, put a backup plan on your mobile phone by downloading the Uber or Lyft app.
  • Host with the most. Be all things to all guests by offering options. Have non-alcoholic brews to choose from, in addition to sparkling juices and minimal-alcohol ciders. Keep the party alive by doing what you can to slow the rate of alcohol blood level increases.
  • Keep healthy routines. Sobriety is supported by consistent regimens and quality lifestyle choices. Don’t stop those over a holiday, embrace them.
  • Communicate more. Avoid the holiday blues by sending a text, email, GIF, or make that phone call to the people you care about. Chances are, they’ll be glad to hear from you. And who knows, your message could lift their spirits.
  • Be a thought leader for abstinence. Each year, neighborhoods across the country have their stories about impaired drivers and the hurt they bring to families. By sharing these tips with everyone you know, you’ll help others survive the season and welcome the New Year in safely. Tag your social media accounts with #3DPreventionMonth and #Drunk&DruggedDrivingPreventionMonth.
If you or a loved one is struggling with sobriety this holiday season, please don't hesitate to reach out for help.
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