Tuesday, May 22, 2018

“Where your fear is, there is your task.”  ~~C.G. Jung

“Everything that seemingly happens externally is occurring in order to trigger something within us, to expand us and take us back to who we truly are.”  ~~Anita Moorjani

 “There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered.”  ~~Nelson Mandela
Statement #8
 “The fundamental object of life is emotional and spiritual growth.
Daily I put my life into a proper order, knowing which are the priorities.
  Sobriety and recovery invite growth, yet it is the continued practice of Statement #8 which produces and illuminates the all-encompassing beauty of a 4C woman.   No longer held captive, independence begins to flourish, strength expands and discernment advances.

Active addiction stunts healthy growth while slowly separating life from living, thereby increasing feelings of loneliness and separation.  Guilt and shame can develop, creating an even further divide.  Emotional and/or spiritual pain can begin to feel normal with the attempts to regain balance feeling foreign and fearful.

From our WFS Program booklet, “Growth is an essential aspect of our recovery.  It is the process of learning who we are and where to focus our efforts for personal change.”  Identifying fears and moving through them instead of away springs Statement #8 into action.  Cultivating this growth boosts self-value and self-esteem, enriching life and cementing connections. 

Is there a fear holding you back right now? What would happen if you moved through that fear?

Hi 4C Women,
I've said so many times over the years that I thought there would be a time when emotional and spiritual growth would be accomplished - job done, no further work required. I am constantly learning how incorrect I was. The good news is that the learning curve does lessen, yet it doesn't end.

 We continue to learn about our ability to face change without substances that use to cloud our judgment, gain knowledge about our resiliency to face fears, hurts or disappointments, develop a positive attitude along with positive self-talk, accept what we can and cannot control and releasing the past to keep moving forward. That's a lot of emotional and spiritual growth taking place once we are open and willing to take action. That's the most important part of any change. Words on a piece of paper are just that - words. While knowledge is necessary, it is the use of that knowledge in action that creates the powerful, empowering life we are seeking.  All of this requires time, dedication and commitment.

Mistakes will be made yet those mistakes teach us new ways of responding, reacting to future situations. And let's remember - we are not alone on this journey. I value and appreciate the support and guidance from the women in WFS. I feel safe and nurtured by them. They have helped me achieve, relearn and accept myself where I am at each stage of my life.
I found some questions from a book I bought at conference, Change Your Questions, Change Your Life, by Marilee Adams, Ph.D. If you are wondering what might be helpful to practice Statement #8, consider some of her questions listed below:

What are the facts here? (I'm a big believer in gathering info before I react as I use to)
What new ways can I think about or approach this?
Is this what I want to feel?
Is this what I want to be doing?
What am I missing or avoiding?
Am I seeing the big picture?
Will this get me what I really want?
How is this working for me?
What is my choice right now?

Perhaps you can share your situation with others you trust and obtain some input as you consider the questions above. It's all part of the emotional and spiritual growth journey and learning how to set priorities.

Bonded in emotional and spiritual growth,
4C WFS Member
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