Tuesday, May 8, 2018

“Life is not about speed but direction--not about form but content--not about having and getting-- but loving and sharing.”  ~~Unknown

“There is more to life than increasing its speed.”  ~~Mahatma Gandhi

“You can’t copy anybody, and end with anything.  If you copy, it means you’re working without any real feeling.”  ~~Billie Holiday

Statement #6
 “Life can be ordinary or it can be great.
Greatness is mine by a conscious effort.
 In our Program booklet, Jean writes, “Although we only get a one-way ticket through life, we speed through our days as if planning to enjoy them at another time.  We live as if we have an endless number of tomorrows.”   How true this can be for many individuals; the collection of moments takes priority over active participation or enjoyment.  The increasing desire for more and more, void of contentment and simple satisfaction creates a cycle of emptiness and a craving for more.

Scrambling to get the “best picture, best angle or best copy” instead of enjoying the real thing steals the greatness contained within.  Yet a copy is simply a copy, it is no substitute for the real thing.  Sobriety and Statement #6 in action create a remedy for slowing down an ever-increasing speed of life.      

With the practice of the WFS Statements, learning to live in the moment instead of collecting them continues to feel more natural.   Skipping the photo op and consciously absorbing the sights, smells, relationships, whatever the moment includes, can feel ordinarily great and bring about contentment, which can interrupt a cycle of lack.  Even those moments which can feel uncomfortable now have an opportunity to become part of a growth experience.


Hi 4C Women,

Living in the moment! I am so fortunate to have grown up in a time when people looked into your face while having a conversation and not looking down at their phones giving a sense of half interest or none at all. I love taking photos and am learning to enjoy the moment and not photograph it to the point that I am missing the moment completely.  

I believe Statement #6 is about change in making a "conscious" effort to be aware of our surroundings and our feelings.  Think about how many moments have slipped by due to distraction or already moving on to the next task? Creating this awareness is part of the group meeting when we share something positive that happened whether it was a change in our reaction/response or how we felt and how it relates to any one of the 13 Statements. It's important to recognize as well that greatness is also experienced in ordinary moments. It doesn't always need to be a spectacular event or encounter. In recovery, those ordinary moments can feel exhilarating just for the fact that we are feeling them with clarity and joy. 
We talk about change in our responses/reactions as they are vitally important in developing our New Life. While creating awareness, I would be remiss if I didn't acknowledge that there are things we want to keep in our lives. Could you imagine if we felt we had to change everything! Last Monday we talked about our positive qualities and to list them. Those are the things we need to keep along with those relationships that nourish us. Change is about enhancing our lives, embracing our accomplishments, handling sobriety with new coping skills and keeping hope in our hearts.  

Our group did an exercise a while back about sensory delights. It helped us become more aware, to pause when we smelled, saw, felt, tasted or heard something that brought us joy. 

There are 5 questions and each one asks for 5 answers:

 1.  I love the taste of:
 2.  I love the sight of:
 3.  I love the feel of:
 4.  I love the smell of:
 5.  I love the sound of: 

Bonded in creating greatness, ordinary or extraordinary,
4C WFS Member

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Book Oragami
Finding activities we enjoy is important in recovery. We are encouraged to explore our creative self. Book Origami is fun and easy and requires a minimum of materials (an old book, a pencil, a ruler). In this workshop you will learn how to fold the pages in the book so that the end result is a 3D butterfly that you can display as a piece of art.
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Nancy M/Nanserz (Peer Presenter) - Nancy has been sober for over 3 years using the WFS Program. She has rediscovered her creative self in recovery and enjoys sharing things she has learned with others. An active member of the online forums, she can primarily be found participating with new members (aka "Newbies") in their connections group in addition to her Sunday night chat sessions. She will be assisted by lisa4r.
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