Monday, May 14, 2018

Annual Weekend Conference
Friday, June 8, 2018 at 5:00 PM EDT
Sunday, June 10, 2018 at 1:00 PM EDT
***Pre-Conference Activities start Thursday, June 7, 2018***

DeSales University

Dear Joseph,

Don't forget to register for this year's conference! Registration closes in 6 days - Wednesday, May 16th. You won't want to miss all the amazing things we have planned for you to explore this year's theme,Let It Go!
Nervous to attend your first Conference? We have a conference buddy program for new attendees. Simply select "Yes, I am a new attendee and would like to be paired up with an experienced Conference buddy" on your registration form. We'll connect you with a pal about two weeks before the event. She'll answer all your questions, and buddies often arrange to meet at the airport or somewhere neutral so they can arrive at the event together.
Registration Fee is $300 and includes 2 nights of lodging, 6 meals, 3 large-group sessions, 4 breakout workshops, WFS meetings throughout, and tons of fun at the Annual Conference Auction! Pay a little extra to add Thursday night or to get a private room (with shared bathroom).
Download the full Schedule and Events to learn more about the wonderful workshop options available this year! Heal mind and spirit with these opportunities:
Opening Ceremony
Join WFS President Karen Hamm and Keynote Speaker Karlee Fain as they guide a group welcome session on Friday night. Meet your new best friends, and participate in a special letting go ceremony. Identify what you are ready to release and set your intention to Let It Go over the course of the upcoming weekend, creating space for your wonderful New Life.

Workshops with .O
.O's workshops are offered as an optional add-on for women arriving early on Friday. An additional fee of $27/session is payable at time of registration.
Negative Thoughts Destroy Only Myself
Thoughts are powerful!!! As we travel on our life's journey, it's easy to find oneself mired in the entanglement of negative thinking. Together we will explore ways of transforming the fields of negative thinking into the fertile ground of wisdom gathering. Please bring a notebook.
The Past Is Gone Forever
The only real time we have is "NOW". Often we bring the past to the present. Together we will explore ways of tending to our visitations of the past that can move us in the direction of healing. With compassionate honest communication, giving attention to the tenderness of our heart can heal a multitude of self-negating patterns.

Creating Movement Forward
From the moment we took our first breath of life as an infant, up to this very day, we each have been influenced by our individual experiences. The joys and heartache that we have experienced shape us. The challenges we endure create depth. Our individual experiences create growth that, understood, will uniquely move each of us forward.
Yet many don't welcome the power of movement within their own life stories.
Most of us have an innate ability to identify all of the difficulty we've experienced within our lifetime, but we are challenged to pinpoint how difficulty offers the opportunity to move us forward. Perhaps this is why we get 'stuck,' why we have trouble letting go of the past and can't recognize our continued growth.

The truth is, movement forward is the consequence of personal effort.

Consider this workshop your active beginning to create movement forward!

What to expect:
  • We will discuss how welcoming the past, present, and future experiences into our lives with a renewed perspective can impact their outcome.
  • Why our willingness to relentlessly participate with our life experiences offers greater insight into their multitude of layers.
  • Personally revisit some of our individual experiences that have created positive movement forward.
Participants will share:
  • Stories and insights with a little fun role-playing
  • Intention setting
  • Good heart-felt laughter
  • Personal journaling exercises
  • Opportunities to renew your mind and create movement forward!
Live Elevated - In Mind, Body, and Spirit
We will spend our time together exploring your thoughts and belief patterns, letting go of what no longer serves you, creating affirmations, doing mirror work and visualization exercises, and developing a personal plan to live elevated each day. Session will also include exploration of the power of our thoughts and beliefs in daily life.

Breath Dance
Experience therapeutic breathwork through the use of dance in conjunction with the breath. The works of Peter Levine (Waking the Tiger) and Bessel Van der Kolk (The Body Keeps Score) discuss how trauma is stored in our bodies. Tommy Rosen (Recovery 2.0) talks about trauma being at the root of addiction. The use of movement and breath can help integrate core trauma and enhance our new lives. Join us for this unique healing experience.
During our time together, we will use dance and visualization to move through the Chakras and Levels of Recovery. The dance will be followed by quiet time for slow, connected breathing and integration. We will end the evening sharing our personal experience with the breath dance and connected breathing.
Dress comfortably. Bring a yoga mat or blanket if you want to lay on the floor for integration. Chairs will be setup for those who choose to integrate while sitting up.
Stress Management
For the individual who is interested in dealing more effectively with stress, this workshop is facilitated with high energy and includes numerous interactive exercises! Participants are encourage to work together in teams and share their own techniques on how they deal with stress. Attendees should expect to increase their understanding of the signs and consequences of stress and develop practical coping strategies that can be used in daily life.

Don't forget to continue checking in on the forum ( under Conference News for all the latest developments, carpools, and participant-organized additional activities.
Register Now!
Please contact Becky in the office (215-536-8026 or if you have any questions about the event or how to register. We hope to see you there!

Women for Sobriety, Inc., P.O. Box 618, Quakertown, PA 18951-0618

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