Monday, December 26, 2016

Finding Treatment" with Sovereign Health

Q. How can I find the right treatment center for my child?

A. The ideal treatment center would have a perfect success rate, be close to home and accept all insurance plans with no additional charges. It would also be immaculate, beautiful, and your child would love it there. While no such treatment center exists, some do actually come close. Knowing what aspects are most important can help parents make the right decision.
Regarding the aspects of the “ideal” treatment center described above:

* Success rates are difficult to obtain, because treatment centers are not able to keep track of all former patients over time. Testimonials, reviews and reputation are probably the closest surrogate measures of success rates that are available. Sometimes, centers can give a “ballpark” success rate based on alumni program follow-up.

* Proximity to home may seem important, but the quality of the program far outweighs the distance. The time will fly by anyway, so it is better to receive quality treatment that will have lasting results than to be able to visit in person on weekends.

* Unfortunately, insurance often does influence treatment center selection as treatment can get very costly. Quality rehab requires teams of highly trained experts in many different disciplines as well as 24/7 staff. Residential care provides an opportunity for intensive therapy and different treatment modalities, all of which may or may not be covered. Quality treatment centers will have 24/7 phone lines answered by knowledgeable staff who can answer questions about insurance and financing options.

* The degree of cleanliness can offer some insight into the quality of a treatment program. Many centers offer prospective patients and families tours of their facilities. Reviews from former patients will sometimes include the level of cleanliness of the facility. Also, look for accreditation by The Joint Commission. The Joint Commission does not accredit dirty facilities.

* Whether or not a treatment center is in a beautiful location is really a personal decision. If the location or setting helps increase your child’s desire to seek treatment, then by all means, the setting is important. More importantly, again, is the program quality. Ask about the treatment team, staff credentials and a sample schedule to better understand the therapy your child will be receiving.

* Never expect your child to love being in treatment. Addiction treatment is hard work, especially in the first week or two. By the end, your child should at least accept the treatment as necessary and helpful. If not, there could be a mismatch between your child and the program. Learn the policies and procedures of the chosen treatment center prior to admission.

Dana Connolly, Ph.D., is a senior staff writer for the Sovereign Health Group, where she translates current research into practical information. She earned her Ph.D. in research and theory development from New York University and received numerous research grants, awards, and appointments, and has lectured at universities and scientific conferences around the world. More importantly, she is a mother of twin boys who will be starting middle school next year and are the joy of her life.

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