Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Good morning everyone, I wanted to give everyone an update on Music Fest tickets. This past weekend was kind of the kickoff for ticket sales for our biggest event September. unfortunately I have some bad news we sold 0 tickets.but I am NOT going to be discouraged because I know God is in this from the beginning and he will see us through to the event. I have packs of tickets for everyone to sell. we are also still in need of sponsors. there are very nice posters flyers communication cards available for those who want them. I will be copying the direct link to the tickets and sending that out for everyone to forward on their email contact list and post on their Facebook page.  I believe everyone should be taking part in this, that is in this ministry to make this event the most successful ever so that we can look forward to having this again next year. tickets are available through our website and at we will have a ticket table setup a Christian Life Center through September you can always meet me there on a Sunday morning to get your tickets for Friday night or wherever you are I'll come meet you. I know its early and probably July August will be our best months but let's try our best to spread the word and maybe get some sales. Thank you everyone for your contribution to this ministry and all that you do for the kingdom. any questions please give me a call
here is the direct ticket link: Music Fest let's spread the word

Bob Sofronski
Director CLPRM

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