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Amazing Race Co-Producer Believes She Was "Spared to Warn Youth About Drugs"


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Kathryne Fuller was left partially paralyzed after taking cocaine in her hotel room with co-worker Jeff Rice, while the two were working in Uganda, making arrangements for the television series, "The Amazing Race." The cocaine they ingested is believed to have been contaminated.

According to IOL News, Kathryne believes that God spared her life for a purpose- to teach young people about the dangers of drugs. She will be speaking from her hotel bed, for the first time since the incident seven weeks ago. She claims she is not an addict, and tried a line with her co-worker. She said this was only the second time she tried cocaine, and it left her paralyzed on her right side and confined to a wheelchair.

She was taken to the hospital after she was found unconscious, along with Jeff Rice. Jeff did not survive, and Kathryne was held in a Ugandan hospital for two weeks until she appeared in court and plead guilty to cocaine possession. Her father helped her get home to South Africa as quickly as possible, and he has been at her bedside since the incident.

She hopes she can help young people realize that even dabbling with drugs can be dangerous. Kathryne said, "All I know is God has got a plan for my life- whether it is to go and speak to young people about drugs or something like that. We took cocaine. It was my second time. Don't do drugs because as exciting as it may seem, it is really not worth it. I already know people who have stopped using drugs because of what happened."

Kathryne describes Jeff Rice as a recovered cocaine addict, who had not habitually used in the weeks up to the incident. She claims to have blacked out that night and has no memory of the incident. She was heavily sedated at the hospital, which she believes helped her deal with the trauma.

Kathryne Fuller claims she is feeling better, but she could remain in the hospital for months. There was a lot of nerve damage, and she had blood clots in her arms and legs, which caused the paralysis. She is now out of danger, regarding the threat of an aneurysm.

Kathryne hopes to eventually complete her masters degree in health promotion, and she plans to get back to work on her dissertation as soon as she can. She also plans to get back into her local church, from which she strayed in recent years. Kathryne Fuller now feels like her life serves a higher purpose.
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