Wednesday, April 18, 2012


We came to believe a power greater than ourselves can restore us to sanity!
   Acknowledgement of your short comings and taking responsibility for the mess you made is the beginning of humility. GOD designed us with a free will not to run around and fulfill all our evil desires he gave us free will because he loves us and he is not an ogre or dictator forcing what he wants out of of us.If you force someone one to love you is that true love, no its not. My point God sits patiently by waiting for each one of us to go to him in humility admitting our helplessness and pains and sorrows. Living life away and apart from our Almighty Father can and will be hopeless cold lonely and exhausting. Sounds likes addiction! Call him daddy ask for him to forgive you and that you have missed him, share your heart with HIM. He has been at your side this whole time waiting and sharing everything you have been through hoping  for you to return, He is ready if you are.  

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