Thursday, April 5, 2012

Free Tool Kit To Help Parents save their teens!

Shocked by what you saw last week, Joseph? You can do something about it.

There was a disturbing number in the infographic we shared with you last week: 90%. That's the percentage of addictions that start in the teen years. The infographic got a ton of shares on Facebook, but it left people wondering how to tackle the problem.

We have an answer. Actually, a lot of answers. They're all in our Parent Toolkit -- and you can make a huge impact on the teens in your life by spreading the word about it.

Share our Parent Toolkit and take on substance abuse now.

The Partnership at has put a lot of work into this toolkit, and it gets real results.

It has expert tips on spotting alcohol and drug use. It guides you on how to make those tough conversations with teens a lot easier. It even has advice divided up by age group. And that's just the beginning.

Knowledge is power -- and we're more powerful when we share our knowledge.

Tell your friends and family about the Parent Toolkit:


Kim Manlove
Parent Advisory Board
The Partnership at

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