Saturday, January 2, 2016

December 2015
Dear Friends, 
     The clock is winding down on 2015. If you have not yet made your charitable contribution for this year, please consider making a meaningful gift to Livengrin Foundation. Your donation will help us to provide more than 4,000 patients and their families with life-saving treatment over the next year-offering hope and help to those struggling with this disease.

"I had a full scholarship to Livengrin. In the past, due to insurance (or lack thereof), I had never been given the opportunity to stay longer than 14 days in a rehabilitation facility. Nor had I been able to stay at one that was so helpful and comforting and so forthright in giving me the tools to stay sober. Livengrin provided me the stepping stones to finding serenity and a newfound happiness."

Livengrin alumnus

     Only 10% of those with an addiction receive the help they need, and even fewer are able to stay long enough so that the treatment can be effective. Many patients who arrive at Livengrin do not have insurance, or are underinsured, and cannot afford to pay for treatment. As a mission-based nonprofit, Livengrin provides charity care to those in need. We believe that lack of adequate health insurance or inability to pay should not prevent someone from getting treatment. After receiving a treatment scholarship, Livengrin alumnus Annie Murray was able to stay in residential treatment for the recommended 30 days. She said that the financial relief was a huge burden off her chest, allowing her to focus on her recovery and to make the most out of her time at Livengrin.Today, Annie has more than 18 months of sobriety, and she is grateful for the generosity of donors like you who helped make her recovery possible.

     Livengrin is here to serve you, your loved ones, and your community-to provide hope, healing, and recovery. In order to continue to provide life-saving services to patients and their families, we count on your support now more than ever. We ask that you consider making a gift as generous as you can afford so that we can continue to provide Charity Care and other core programs to the patients and families struggling with this disease.  Your donation will make a world of difference, an immediate impact that truly transforms lives.
Thank you for giving the gift of hope this holiday season.

Scott F. Blacker
Vice President for Development

Give the gift that lasts a lifetime.
The gift of recovery!

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