Thursday, March 28, 2013


Dear Joseph,

Last December at our annual Winter Wish Gala, we announced a new fund for children and families, in memory of our friend, our leader and our inspiration, James E. Burke.

His son, James, shared with us something very personal that night:

“As I look at my two young daughters, I am scared by the dramatic rise of prescription drug abuse among teens in this country…substance abuse and addiction would move my father in a way that would make him angry…make him cry at the devastation of young lives lost.”

His father’s passion for serving children and families remains with us today, and we often ask ourselves, “What would Jim do?”

It was Jim’s belief that parents and kids who struggle with substance abuse and addiction deserve the same quality of care, and open arms of support, that they would get with any other disease. It’s now our job to make that a reality.

To date, through donations to the James E. Burke Fund for Children and Families, we have raised close to $200,000 to provide valuable resources to families across the country, including sustaining our Parents Toll-Free Helpline, where our staff of caring professionals help callers every day.

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