Thursday, March 7, 2013


From: Bob Sofronski <>
To: Bob Sofronski <>

Dear Ministry Partners and Friends of CLPRM,
The Conquering Grounds Music Festival we are setting up for September 14, 2013 is the single largest undertaking this ministry has ever attempted. Amazingly complex logistics,  that need to be fully developed, and expenses that need to be completely taken care of if this event is to be a success, while also serving as a genuine outreach to community. Remember this benefit event is to raise funds for the Inmate Release and Recovery Scholarship Fund. In order to make this all happen, we need to, first and foremost, commit everything to God as all our efforts at CLPRM are ALL about Him in the first place. Just as important, this event cannot succeed without each of you praying diligently, making the volunteer base available for that day, but Most Important, assisting us to obtain solid sponsorship, which will generate the funds we need to stage this entire day of activities. If we all pitch in, roll up our sleeves, and make this a real team effort,  Lives will be changed, the community will see Christ in action, God will be glorified and EACH of you who helped, even in a small way, WILL BE BLESSED!
Please check out the enclosed attachments, which describe our sponsorship packages in complete detail, and present this unique opportunity for everyone you can get them to.  People such as your auto mechanic, a nearby store or pizza shop that you always purchase from, a friend, a neighbor, or even your boss, just to name a few! We have carefully spent allot of time to put these together in a manner which is clearly explained, simple, effective and really sells itself. All you have to do is help us get the word out to as many Companies, Ministries, Churches, potentially interested individuals, and Organizations as possible by simply handing them a packet while letting God’s Holy Spirit take the seed that you have just planted and causing it to grow in the hearts of the potential sponsor!
We truly love each of you and value you far beyond what words can express. So together, we can make a difference in the lives of others who so desperately need our help. Sounds pretty simple, when you think about it. Just pray, have faith then take these few printed pieces of paper and simply give them, or even email them, to someone who may just be willing to help us, while promoting what they do in the process! Please make a list of those who you will need to follow up with. You won’t know until you try and, no matter what the result is, I GUARANTEE God will bless you in a mighty way just for making the effort!!
Thanks for taking the time to prayerfully consider what God may want you to do! We are so glad to serve with you and will always be here for you!  If you have any questions (or if anyone you give the sponsorship information to has questions or would like further information), please do not hesitate to contact me Bob Sofronski 215-833-2512 or my project manager, John Accunzo (267-701-2116) and we will get the answers and provide everything we can in order to make your efforts a complete success!
Have a blessed week!

Bob Sofronski
Chairman and Director, CLPRM

Bob Sofronski,  Chairman/Director
Christian Life Prison and Recovery Ministries, Inc.
PO BOX 1624
Southampton, PA 18966
Fax # 267-988-4629
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CLPRM Brochure with pics.pdfCLPRM Brochure with pics.pdf
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CGC-CLPRM Event Sponsorship Letter.pdfCGC-CLPRM Event Sponsorship Letter.pdf
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CGC Music Fest Sponsorship Form (1).pdfCGC Music Fest Sponsorship Form (1).pdf
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Conquering Grounds Outdoor Music Fest info half sheet.docxConquering Grounds Outdoor Music Fest info half sheet.docx
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