Tuesday, February 26, 2013


We are an informally structured grassroots organization concerned about drug dependence and related deaths in our Westmoreland County Communities.
DescriptionWe are the voices of families, loved ones and former addicts who have lost our children, siblings and friends to this rampant disease. We have found each other because no one else was listening and our voices together are louder than our individual pleas for help. We are not often the known ‘experts’ in the field of addictions, but we have a deeper intimate understanding of the effects of addiction than anyone should ever have to know. We have cried in the dark and screamed in the daylight and those we thought should listen and help have not seemed to hear. But now, with a stronger voice, a coalition is forming of those who hear and intend to act.

Created February 11, 2013
Awards Each day that an addict celebrates the freedsom from substance abuse!
Products A life in recovery!

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Phone 724-570-2111

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