Thursday, August 9, 2012


If you or a woman you love needs help, please call our Admissions Department now at 1-888-866-9778. Kind and immediate assistance is available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.
MissionRecognized by “” as one of the top treatment centers in the world, Harmony Place, Exclusively for Women, provides disciplined treatment for the woman who is accustomed to a well-appointed life. We offer a comfortable place to do uncomfortable work. We remove concerns for personal comfort so the individual can focus on the primary goals of treatment for addiction and dual disorders. We pride ourselves on furnishing the highest quality treatment, blending traditional and holistic approaches to successful recovery from addiction and dual disorders.
Company OverviewOur primary focus is to provide superior care and assistance to the female client and their loved ones, in the most thoughtful, respectful, confidential and compassionate manner. We hold respect and dignity of the client with the highest regard.
Harmony Place supports women in recognizing and appreciating their addiction and any co-occurring dual diagnoses. Our program participants are taught to identify how addiction and other diagnoses manifest and which personal interventions are available to them to support lasting recovery. The women are guided through examination and developmental processes, fostering their ability to create their...See More
General InformationHarmony Place is helping women recover from drug and alcohol addiction.
Call now and talk to us on 1-888-866-9778

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