Tuesday, August 21, 2012

For our Recovery friends in New York New York

My name is Jeremie (bacpac) and I am part of Puttin Sober, a group of bikers in recovery (it is an AA group)...I am hosting this SUPER kewel SOBER RAVE! This Friday @ The Solution...4201 N. Longview (east of 12th st., n of Indian School): The Solution (Transitional Living, like yours) becomes a DANCE space this FRIDAY nite 9-12; courtyard outside, its own parking, and A WHOLE GANG of RESIDENTS who are excited about this RAVE! The idea of a SOBERRAVE is to bring it to young people who are not finding safe places in sobriety to go have fun. I hope you will look at this flier and if you can print it and post it, or just let your community know about it, I'd really be grateful. If I can drop off fliers, please give me a ...Here's the link to the color flier! C'mon let's get our youth in recovery out to a SOBER RAVE!!! thanks! jeremie bacpac.

RAVEw music2012.jpg

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  1. The whole idea of the early 90's rave scene was one of sobriety and smart drinks or health drinks free from any toxic chemicals, all natural. Slowly the scene became distorted and drugs infested it.