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"I was angry, I was hurting,
and I was struggling."


Thankful for a New Life

By Shirley Schuy  ~  Guelph, Ontario, Canada

       November was a big month for me back in 2001.  It was time for me to really face my demons and my disease of alcoholism.  My doctor had signed me out of work until treatment could begin and I was at a loss.  I was angry, I was hurting, and I was struggling.
       I picked the 15th as my first truly sober day; but, I truthfully can’t say which day it was but that was close and it sounded good.  There was much turmoil in my life.  I guess I needed the big wakeup call from the doctor.  Moreover, something had to have worked as I have 4 years of sobriety and a much better life.
       If anyone is wondering if this is an easy journey, I would say no.  It is a long road but worth every step.  With counseling, a follow-up treatment program and a lot of very hard work, I have gotten to where I am today.  I had also rediscovered Women for Sobriety and was starting to work the program (I had first heard of WFS many years before when I went through a treatment program).  I learned from Jean’s words that it is important to learn about my disease, to become aware of the changes I would go through as I continued my journey.
       I learned that it was very important to start my day with a positive reading from the Program Booklet and the Reflections for Growth booklets (both available from the WFS catalog); plus journaling and reflection as to how I wanted to face this day.  I could not be caught up in future days at the beginning.  Each day must be taken one at a time. These are all great boasts to my self-esteem that, of course, was in the basement when I started this journey.
       The booklets I mentioned are helpful; as well as companionship with positive people and healthy activities.  Get out of doors, walk in the park, go to the farmers’ markets and buy fresh produce, volunteer to help in the community.  All of these things will help you get and maintain sobriety and you will be a richer person for the experience.
       All this leaves me with many feelings of thanksgiving about how lucky I am to have found this program and all the wonderful ladies here.

Statement #6, “Life can be ordinary or it can be great.”
Greatness is mine by a conscious effort.

  I plan to make my days great, in spite of the challenges I have to face. ΓΈ

[Reprinted from the November 2005 Sobering Thoughts newsletter edition.  © Women for Sobriety, Inc.]
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