Wednesday, December 16, 2015

December 2015
Dear Friends, 
     As we approach the holiday season, our thoughts naturally turn towards those we love. Many of us love someone who has struggled with or continues to struggle with addiction. In a season so full of hope and peace what more meaningful gift could you give than the gift of recovery?
gift to Livengrin Foundation this holiday season makes recovery possible.

"Livengrin not only saved our son's life, but restored peace and sanity to our life as well...The extended support that Livengrin provides to addicts, their families and the community is unfailing and constantly expanding. LIVENGRIN SAVES LIVES." 
Sharon & Ralph, Livengrin Alumni Parents

     Addiction is a dangerous and heartbreaking disease. It affects not only the individual suffering from addiction-it affects parents, siblings, children, co-workers, friends, neighbors, and our entire community. As members of our Parent Support Group, Sharon & Ralph say that, "it has seen us through the hopeless days of our son's relapse, has enlightened us about our co-dependence and the family sickness of addiction, and has allowed us to share the roller-coaster ride of addiction with other parents. It has healed us and gifted us with peace no matter what twists and turns our son's recovery has taken." Today, Sharon & Ralph's son is sober, and they know that the generosity of donors like you helped make his recovery possible.

     Livengrin is here to serve you, your loved ones, and your community-to provide hope, healing, and recovery. In order to continue to provide life-saving services to patients and their families, we count on your support-now more than ever. We ask that you consider making a gift as generous as you can afford, to ensure programs like our Parent Support Group are available to the families of addicts coping with their disease.  Your donation will make a world of difference, an immediate impact that truly transforms lives.
Thank you for giving the gift of hope this holiday season.
Scott F. Blacker
Vice President for Development

Give the gift that lasts a lifetime.
The gift of recovery!

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